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Fall Tour of My Home - Including 3 FREE Printables!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

     Hey y'all! I recently got foot surgery and have been so busy that I haven't posted in a few weeks! I've also been in the process of redesigning and organizing the site and I absolutely love how it came out! What do you think?! I'm so excited that Fall is finally here. I've been decorating the apartment and have been doing a little tour of my decor on Instagram, so I figured I would bring the Fall tour to the blog! Don't mind my iPhone photos please... I'm getting a new camera for my birthday this week.. YAY!! I am slowly but surely trying to make our apartment feel like a home. Also, I'm so excited to be sharing THREE FREE PRINTABLES, which can be downloaded at the end of the post!

So here is part of my living room, where I've added some pumpkins, flowers, Halloween decor, mixed into my everyday decorations. I love what we use for our TV stand. I can stick whatever I want in the cubbies! I have some signs, my favorite one is "Turkey, Pie, and Football, Oh My!" that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also stick Anthony's Xbox games in a basket and organize some of our books on the bottom. Of course I add some pictures in there as well!

I love this little side table that I also purchased at Hobby Lobby. I stuck a piece of glass on top of it so I can put whatever I want on top when the seasons change. I bought the chalkboard at Michael's on sale for a few dollars! I wrote "Happy Fall Y'all" which looks so awesome with these new Bistro Chalk Markers I bought on Amazon! They are so easy to write with and come in a whole bunch of cute colors! I've included the link below so you can check them out! 

Next up is my "extra room," which is a connecter to my living room. My apartment is so old that it's set up in such an odd design. You have to walk into this room from the hallway and turn right into my living room. I have been making the other side of this room my craft area so I can finally stop doing crafts on my dining room table. 

I love my antique hutch and how it looks with this decor! My mom gave me the hutch and it was a light brown with scratches all over it, it was not pretty! It took me awhile to find some antique decor to match but after raiding my grandfather's garage and some thrift shops I found just what I needed! 

     Next up is this stunning wreath that I love really for any season, but especially Fall! I bought the plain branch wreath, some accent flowers, ribbon, and the letter M. I painted the M tan and used a hot glue gun to glue it to the wreath. Then, I used some burlap ribbon to tie the bow and I stuck in the flowers. This is a super easy and must try project! If you aren't interested in making one, but like how my wreath came out, check out my Etsy shop here!

     Last but not least, my gallery wall in my dining room! I love gallery walls. Putting them together is super easy. Right now I'm working on putting another gallery wall in my craft area. There are a ton of home decor and wall accents that can be used to make your gallery wall beautiful. If you look on Pinterest, there are thousands of ideas and ways to decorate your own gallery wall! I recommend doing gallery walls, because they look can look elegant, fun, and pretty! 

Okay so as promised, I am sharing THREE FREE PRINTABLES! YAY!! I had so much fun making these printables, and can I just say they look adorable with my Fall and Halloween decor! Print them out and stick them in an 8x10 frame and you have some cheap but cute Fall decor! Click on the link and you can download or print from there.

What are some of your favorite seasons to decorate for? What did you think of my Fall home tour? I would love to hear what you all think! 

Looking forward to the growth of my site and my friends. Thanks for supporting me you crazy peeps!



  1. Love it! And girl I get it! Our lives get so crazy sometimes!

  2. Laurie girl you are too kind.. Thank you for visiting my blog! I did get it up and running and now I'm slacking to maintain it. Hoping I can start to post more for Christmas! I love your blog, you're doing awesome! XO


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