The Belmont Ranch: February 2016

My Style Struggle

Monday, February 1, 2016

My style is always changing. Isn't that the beauty of having our own style? Around October/November, I discovered this awesome home decor community on Instagram and was instantly giddy with excitement. I had no idea that there are ladies that love crafts and home decor as much as me. I married young, so I've been decorating since I was 19! It's been sweet getting to know many inspiring women and connecting with them. I see all of these stunning photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.. and a million thoughts go through my mind. Why can't my house look like that? How come my vignette isn't as pretty? How can I get my living room to look like hers? The thoughts would go a mile a minute. TV Shows and magazines stage rooms so beautifully, it's difficult to compare. It's like the media is forming us to think this is what our houses are supposed to look like too. Recently, I realized what style is all about.