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My Style Struggle

Monday, February 1, 2016

My style is always changing. Isn't that the beauty of having our own style? Around October/November, I discovered this awesome home decor community on Instagram and was instantly giddy with excitement. I had no idea that there are ladies that love crafts and home decor as much as me. I married young, so I've been decorating since I was 19! It's been sweet getting to know many inspiring women and connecting with them. I see all of these stunning photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.. and a million thoughts go through my mind. Why can't my house look like that? How come my vignette isn't as pretty? How can I get my living room to look like hers? The thoughts would go a mile a minute. TV Shows and magazines stage rooms so beautifully, it's difficult to compare. It's like the media is forming us to think this is what our houses are supposed to look like too. Recently, I realized what style is all about.

My house will never look like that. My vignette will never be as pretty. And my living room will never look like hers. But... I'm okay with that! My style is exactly that, MY style. Not yours, not hers, not his, not theirs, it's MINE. If I started to copy everyone else, decorating and crafting wouldn't be fun for me anymore. That is what makes us all unique. One minute I want something colorful and bright, then I am looking for neutral and vintage. I have realized that is totally okay! My love for vintage and rustic comes from my grandmother and mom. My grandmother has been handling antiques for years. She works at a local antique store and runs estate sales. My mom bids on storage units, buys and sells, and has a booth at a local flea market. I used to cringe when they asked me to go to yard sales. Now, I look forward to jumping in the car, mapping out our route and thrifting the day away. We score all kinds of goodies. I adore all things colorful and bright, because it makes me happy and makes the holidays fun!

God gave us all our own style for a reason. I haven't been working on my blog as much as I want to, because truthfully I don't think anyone cares what I have to post or that my pictures aren't as pretty as others. Thing is, there will always be at least one person who won't like it. I choose to post anyways, because there is no wrong or right way to decorate. Decorating is a journey and it should be a fun journey. Suzanne Kasler is a firm believer that "A room should be collected, not decorated." When you start living by those words, your house becomes a home. Then, it's no longer how big or fancy your home is, it's about the memories that are built inside it. My blog, crafts, & photos may not be the best, but they are a part of this awesome journey and I am SO happy you all have decided to come along!

Now that I've given myself a little reality check, I'm looking forward to sharing more and more blog posts. We're moving in 2 weeks, so I'm sure lots of new house posts are coming soon! What are some things you struggle with decorating? What would you say is your style? I have created a hashtag #lovemydecorstyle on Instagram so that we can all be inspired by our own styles! I would love to chat with y'all.

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  1. Hey Sarah! I totally get where you're coming from cause I often feel the same way as you.. that how I decorate, although it may look pretty good, can't compare to some of the others I see and follow on Instagram etc. Similarly I often share the same thought that maybe I shouldn't even bother posting this cause 'no one will care' or sometimes I even think that the people that do follow me will just think it's silly or irritating or whatever. But then I do a reality check and think, I should feel comfortable to express myself and be myself, and if someone does have those thoughts, then they don't need to follow me! looking forward to more posts and pics.. and congrats/good luck with the new house (I did see some of those new house pics posted to insta!) :)

    1. Hey Megan! Thanks for taking the time to comment hun! You should DEFF be comfortable and be able to express yourself! You only have one life to live, you should live it how you want. If your happy and you love your home, your followers will see that and that's what they will love about you. Our house is coming along, and I'm excited to share more with you soon!xo

  2. Thank you for posting. I struggle with decorating and being able to look at a room and think I want to do this but then can get there. I really enjoy seeing how creative minds work! Have a blessed day!


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