The Belmont Ranch: August 2016

Kitchen Updates That Anyone Can Do

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I want to share with you all how you can update your kitchen by yourself and not break the bank!
So let me start by showing you what our kitchen looked like before we moved in.

Okay, I'm gonna be real with you guys. When I originally thought of this post and started to brainstorm, I was super excited. Then, when I went to go take photos today of our kitchen, I kept noticing all the little imperfections. The stains on the cabinets, the nicks in the floor, and the spaces where we didn't put enough grout on the subway tile. Suddenly, I became discouraged. I thought about who would care about seeing our kitchen, it's not magazine worthy. And who would care about the updates we did to our kitchen. We aren't professional kitchen remodelers. We didn't spend $25,000 on a new kitchen. But wait.

That's just it, and here it is now. We didn't spend $25,000 on a new kitchen, and we didn't have to! I love our kitchen. I love every single thing we have done to it. Are there still a few things I want to change? Hell yeah I do! But, there are always things we are going to want to change about our home. We have many many years ahead of us and many projects left. A house becomes your home when you put work and love into it. What matters is what we can do and what we have done, and how much hard work we have already put into this place. Our kitchen updates cost us about $1,500 and we did everything ourselves.

1. Update the cabinet hardware.

I really do not like our cabinets. I want to replace the doors, but for now we changed the hardware on them. We got two 10-packs at home depot for $19.97 each. So this project cost about $40. Not bad, and I love the way they look. The hardware before was white and silver. Updating the cabinet hardware will give your cabinets a fresher look and make a huge difference. I also loooove this rug I found at Target the other day! & Can we talk about the mug rack I got on amazon for 39.99?! It's smaller than the one seen in Fixer Upper, but it's so cute and super cheap. I included the link below so you can check it out! 

2. Install an island.

I know what you're thinking. Install an island?! I seriously looked everywhere for an affordable island. We searched so many websites and stores. Then, I stumbled upon and they had this gorgeous kitchen island on sale here for $773.49! AND when you sign up with your email address, they give you a 10% off coupon code. It ended up being around $700 for the island and chairs! They got delivered in 5 different boxes, & Anthony and I put it all together within a few hours one night. An island will break up some empty space, create extra seating and counter space, and can be fun to decorate!

3. Add subway tile & open shelving.

This is something we were clueless on. We've actually been clueless on most of our projects. We looked everything up on YouTube. These are beveled subway tiles from Home Depot. They are sold in a box for $28. I believe we used 5 boxes, so we paid about $140. I can't remember exactly how many we got, because as soon as Anthony finished, he saw that he used two different types of tile! One was the beveled and one was straight tile. So he had to take it all off, go back to Home Depot and buy more of the right tile. Some things go wrong when you're doing projects. Sometimes they're extreme, sometimes they are just set backs that cost you a few extra hours. Home Depot also sells the grout kits and tells you what you will need on the bucket. We used dark grey grout. The shelves are Ekeby Hemnes from Ikea. They were $15 each, so total $60 for the 4 shelves! Subway tile and open shelving really opens up the space and brightens the room.

4. Update the light fixtures.

I just adore this vintage pendant light we bought at Lowes for $119.00. There was a huge hole in the ceiling from the light that was there before. We found a ceiling cover for it while we were at Lowes and then moved the chain over so it would fit right above our island. Anthony is not an electrician. He shut off the circuit breaker and matched the colored cables together. It took a few tries to get the wires tied together right, but overall it was a pretty simple project. Updating the light fixtures will really pull your kitchen together. It can make or break a space! 

5. Repaint trim around windows and doors, & update window treatments.

The first thing we did when we moved in was paint all the baseboards, doors, and trim. It made a HUGE difference! You don't realize it until you do it, but if it's been a few years or you just moved into a new house; paint that trim and those baseboards! I promise you will notice how great it looks afterwards. I also bought some natural bamboo roman shades at Home Depot, which adds some texture to the kitchen too! Doing these updates are extremely cost effective as well.

Welp, that's it for now folks! I am sure I will have some more updates for you guys soon. We are in the process of knocking down the living room wall, and rebuilding our pantry. We recently added white faux brick wallpaper to the pantry and will be putting in shelves. I will be sharing that with you guys soon too! Do you have any updates you've done to your kitchen that were relatively easy & didn't break the bank? I would love to hear about them.

Talk soon friends!

Using Vintage Caddies in Farmhouse Decor

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My farmhouse vintage style is just becoming more obsessive by nature. I swear I can't pass a basket or a crate without having some sort of crazy idea of what I want to do with it. They serve many different purposes such as adding texture, storage, and style! I pick up trays, baskets, and crates at antique stores, department stores, & basically anywhere while out junkin'. I want to share with y'all how you can incorporate vintage caddies into your decor to style cute vignettes and serve a purpose. I am doing a link party with some other fellow vintage lovers, make sure to take a stop by their blogs at the bottom to see how they decorate with their caddies! What is a caddy you may ask? Well, it's a small storage container.

Decorating with Vintage Pieces

Monday, August 1, 2016

If y'all know me or have been following me for awhile, then you know I like to save as much money as possible on decorating and I try to find the best deals. I can remember years ago as a child when my mom and grandma would take me to garage sales. I would be interested for a little while and then get bored and want to leave. Now, I could stay in an antique store or go yard sailing for hours. I love looking for pieces with charm and character. There are so many stories behind that one item you grab at the antique store. So today I am going to share how to refresh your home with new yet old vintage decor! AND this is a start to a link up series with 8 other amazing bloggers who are also sharing how they incorporate vintage decor in their homes. This post will be more generalized, whereas my posts to come will be more focused on how to decorate with specific vintage pieces. At the bottom you can click to see the other bloggers' posts, and even link up your own blog post if you use antique/vintage pieces in your home! You are entering for a chance to be featured on our blogs next month.

Thrifted: Stool (repainted by me), ruler shelves, mason jar (painted by me)