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Decorating with Vintage Books

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hi my sweet friends! I am so thrilled to be doing another link party blog hop with some talented ladies. We are each sharing how we decorate with vintage books. Vintage books are so fun to decorate with because they can liven up a space, bring height, and also create texture. I honestly use vintage books everywhere. Whenever I can find them for a reasonable price, I pick them up because I know I will use them.

Vintage books are a lot easier to find than you think. Yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, good will or the salvation army. They can literally be found anywhere. I've scored some for 50 cents a piece, but the most I have spent on one vintage book was maybe 2 or 3 dollars. I have all different colors too so that I can use them for different seasons and holidays.

Even though I buy books of all different colors, when I think the colors will be too vibrant or not match, I turn them over and show the pages instead! It gives the same antique feel but is more neutral of course. I have seen them turned like this and then one letter is written on each book along the pages, and spell out READ or BOOK or something like that. This is another great idea!

A great way to change it up is to wrap your books with some twine, ribbon, burlap, or whatever you have on hand to make it pretty! This is so easy and can really dress up your books if you're looking for a prettier or cleaner vibe.

I have seen a lot of projects too that you can do with vintage books on Pinterest. You can wrap books in white paper or brown paper if you want to keep them all neutral. Or you could cut a hole into a few books and place small succulents inside. The opportunities are endless. I know that the lovely ladies listed below have gorgeous homes and you won't want to miss how they decorate with vintage books! Thanks for stopping by friends and don't forget to stay up to date with our projects on Instagram and Facebook!


  1. So beautiful! You have a gorgeous collection!

  2. I love it, Sarah! You have such a wonderful knack at incorporating and styling your vintage items. I love how you've used your books!!


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