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Dining Room Makeover

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own!

Hey guys!! I am SO excited to be writing this post today as I have partnered up with Raymour & Flanigan to do a huge dining room reveal! If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know the large impact my new furniture makes. We had been waiting awhile to do our dining space because we wanted to build our own farmhouse table. When I stumbled upon this gorgeous Sagamore Dining Set, I knew that it belonged in our little ranch.

I loved the chairs that it came with, but I really wanted some statement chairs at the head of the table, so I chose the Hope Isle chairs. I like the look of the different chairs on the ends, but I had a whole other plan for them, I covered them with these cute slipcovers and redecorated the wall a little bit, so now the space looks like this.

We didn't actually have a formal dining area when we moved into our home. It was just one big living room as you can see below. When we knocked down the walls between the living room and kitchen, I knew we had to have a formal dining space.

Now, with the help of my hubby knocking down the walls, and Raymour & Flanigan, I have the dream dining room I've been wishing for! I really want to add some white wood planks to the back wall (faux shiplap) but I can't find the wood anywhere. So, that'll have to wait for now, but trust me guys we will be doing that project ASAP.

We just need to close up the space to the pantry in the kitchen and our kitchen, living room, and dining room remodel will be complete.

How adorable is this family pillow?! I love leaving it here on the end chair as a way to cozy up the space a bit.

I've really loved playing around with this space. As you can tell from the gazillion pictures I've taken, I keep moving stuff around and finding new ways to make this a space that I love. This cute lantern is another piece from Raymour and Flanigan. Who knew they had decor items?! I didn't! First I had it on the table as a part of my tablescape, but I've decided that it fits perfectly right here on my crate flipped sideways.

Last weekend was the cherry on top of the redesign! I had our chandelier installed by our electrician since we didn't have a spot for one before, and it was so worth it! I thought the space looked complete before, but once we added the Plymouth Pendant Light from Raymour & Flanigan, it just brought the whole space together and gave me a sense of relief. I knew that sense of relief meant that my dining plan had come to life and it was better than I thought it could ever be.

And this stunning hutch matches perfectly! It is a great place to display my Rae Dunn collection, decorate on the top, store wine, wine glasses & whatever else I want to throw in there! Some other decor that I got from Raymour & Flanigan were the rug and vintage inspired fan clock.

I would really love to hear what you guys think of this space and what we created here. Make sure to check out the Raymour & Flanigan website since they have a bunch of newer styles that I know y'all will love! There are so many rustic & farmhouse-y style dining sets and decor, and for reasonable prices too. & If you're not already, give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Till next time my friends!


  1. Looks amazing Sarah!! Well done!!

  2. You my friend are so gifted you're passion for decor shows in everything you do!!! Everything looks amazing and I'm so happy you're happy with the results! You guys put so much work into your home makes it that much more beautiful!!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Lucy! Your my girl xo

  3. I absolutely love this. Your hard work and talent has paid off so well. I really really love the hutch. I'm gonna check out the website now. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Angela!! How sweet of you to stop by. Thanks for the love my friend! xo

  4. I love this! You should be proud, you are talented. Where did you get the chair slip covers?

    1. Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by. I got the slip covers at Target!

  5. Loving the style of your dining area! The white shade makes your mind calm while enjoying the foods in front of you. Great work for you.


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