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Rustic Cozy Living Room

Monday, January 16, 2017

Thank you Raymour & Flanigan for sponsoring this post!

There is nothing like cozying up next to a fire after a cold Winter day in New England. When I walk into a person's home, I immediately can tell if I feel comfortable, welcomed, or warm. I love entertaining and inviting our friends and family over, so having a cozy home is super important to us. When Anthony and I were searching for our first home, a fireplace was something that was definitely on our wish list. Unfortunately, sometimes everything on the wish list can't be granted. We talked about potentially adding one in the dining room, with a cute mantle and a gas hook up. Once I finally redesigned the living and dining room, we discovered that the fire place wouldn't necessarily even fit anymore. My husband had been talking for weeks about how he really wanted an electric fireplace that blew out a good amount of heat and didn't have a super lavish look to it.

I went on the hunt to try to find the perfect fireplace that he would love for Christmas. Except, I couldn't find anything except elegant looking, mantel-type fireplaces. There was nothing that matched our style. Until I was searching the Raymour & Flanigan website and came across this gorgeous Dover TV Console. It is completely different from any fireplace consoles I had seen, and fit our style perfectly.

It has a bunch of varying heat settings with a timer, and it changes colors as well. You can keep the fire going without the heat setting, or have it on with the heat blowing. I swear our new puppy Sadie loves the fire place more than both of us! My husband was surprised at the rustic look of the fireplace, and that it came from a furniture store.

After trying the fireplace out for a few weeks, we noticed a little jump in our electricity bill from keeping it on, but I think it's totally worth it. As soon as we put on the TV at night, the fireplace goes on too. Sadie loves sitting in front of it and laying on her bed. It makes our living room homey and warm.

The furniture in your home can ultimately make or break a space, and I feel as though this was another great addition to our little ranch here on Belmont. It added that final touch that we were aiming for in our living room. Some people are afraid of real fireplaces if they have kids or animals, so this would be perfect for them too. The storage cabinets open on the side and are perfect for the stuff you just don't want showing such as movies, gaming systems, or cable boxes! Unfortunately we have a cable box that isn't bluetooth, but I hear some cable boxes don't have to have the remote pointed at them anymore, pretty cool right?

This year, I'm really aiming to organize and balance life more. This fireplace makes me feel like the space is complete (for now). I'm also redoing my office to hopefully help me feel more inspired to work on the blog and what not. We're putting on the final touches within the coming weeks and I can't wait to share that with you guys.

Thanks for stopping by my friends, xoxo.

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